Nick Baker Architects are taking part in the V&A’s Gingerbread City 2018!


Created by the Museum of Architecture and now in its third year, the project aims to connect the public with an innovative architectural display for the Holiday season. This year’s theme is ‘Imagining the Future City’ and the NBA team are thrilled to be a part of this venture.

Our project statement:

In an ever greater connected world fast and efficient access to all modes of transport is key. The Confection Connection facilitates chocolatey smooth and easy access from Praline Plaza to the High Line. Inspired by liquorice like flexibility and speed, the transport hubbabubba identifies with land and air transport. The raised building supports maximum access and visibility for the gingerbread people and connects them with the new future of travel – scone drones! Like bees to a hive the myriad of flying saucers arrive and depart from this enclosed runway shaped building. Construction materials are kneaded to their full potential to create a curved shell formed fabric, wrapping it in colour and identity.

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