Haydon School, St Mary's Performance Arts Centre – Completion


In accordance with the planned programme the Performing Arts Centre at Haydon School has been successfully handed over to the client. The project which had a phased completion schedule was partially handed over at the beginning of the 2013/14 School term with the completed music, music practice and recital rooms being handed over for the autumn half term.

The scheme completes Phase 1 of the works to join the St Mary's and St Nicholas' buildings together. Currently students can be required to travel upto 300m between classes due to buildings being detatched. The eventual aim is to half these distances by connecting the original school buildings via new infill blocks.

Connecting buildings built in 1950 with others built in the 1970's and 90's creates its own special set of parameters. Special attention is needed when considering existing Building Regulations, insulation and access standards. However, these items are just challenges set when working with existing buildings. NBA have developed specialst skills and experience to evaluate and anticipate typical problems.

The completed building boasts recording studios, music rooms and a performance sapce that have been constructed to the highest Building Bulletin 93 standards.

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